For more than four decades, FZE Manufacturing Solutions has established itself as a leading full-service machining, manufacturing, sub-assembly, and value-added service provider. From the beginning, we have demonstrated a commitment to quality by using innovative processes, investing in quality equipment, and maintaining the appropriate control measures throughout our facility.

Our FZE Team monitors industry trends and technological developments, and our longevity is due to our willingness to adapt to changing times and maintain a cutting-edge approach through it all. We aim to be easy to do business with, to serve every client with friendly, attentive service and customized solutions, which has led to long-lasting relationships as a preferred provider for our diverse client base.

FZE Manufacturing is a relationship focused company proudly based in Wisconsin. As an essential business, we have continued operations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with minimal disruptions while ensuring the safest possible environment for our employees, our suppliers and our customers. It’s been an honor to continue to employ members of this community and provide necessary components for essential industries, and we are as ready as ever to meet your machining and manufacturing needs. We stand ready to provide:

Made In Wisconsin Program

FZE Manufacturing Solutions is one of the state’s only manufacturers to be approved by, registered and trademarked with the Made in Wisconsin program. This program was introduced in 2012 by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to recognize the contribution of Wisconsin companies and promote their good work and skills around the state. We’re proud to be included in this elite group and use the Made in Wisconsin logo in our promotional materials.

In the Made in Wisconsin program, we join nearly 250 other companies who grow, brew, build, engineer, and otherwise produce in this great state. We proudly serve our wonderful community and contribute to the strong tradition of manufacturing in Wisconsin.

Over the years, FZE Manufacturing has had the privilege of serving clients in a variety of industries, including agriculture, recreation, industrial equipment, hydraulics, oil and gas, firefighting, safety, turf and lawn care, and many more. We turn design concepts into real-world products with affordable pricing, exceptional service, and an unparalleled commitment to quality. From start to finish, we work side-by-side with our clients to ensure their satisfaction, and we’d be happy to work with you, too.

Contact us to request a quote. At FZE Manufacturing Solutions, we welcome projects of all sizes and complexities.