FZE Manufacturing is one of the leading full-service machining manufacturers using Swiss machining to achieve precise results. We have an in-depth knowledge of what our customers need, and we have the capabilities to deliver optimal results. We also have the in-house capabilities to use our CNC swiss machining services to meet your specifications.

Our swiss CNC machines can produce your most desired components and parts. Our goal is to meet your requirements and your expectations, so we often recommend CNC swiss machining to our customers.

What is a Swiss CNC Machine?

A swiss style CNC machine is a modern manufacturing machine that offers precise results. It’s also known as a Swiss automatic or Swiss-type lathe, and it can machine fabricate small parts accurately and at high speed. It’s why we opt to use this manufacturing technique compared to other traditional methods, especially for large-volume orders.

CNC (computer numerical control) is the main reason that has increased the direction of the Swiss machining process. Using computer software to control the machine’s motion, it can produce superior-quality components in a repeatable fashion. Plus, this machine features more tooling features. Therefore, it can efficiently perform numerous operations in succession on a single piece.

Benefits of Using Swiss MachiningSwiss Machining

Even though most manufacturers utilize this process for CNC swiss turning, we can also create more intricate parts with no turned surfaces. But apart from that, it has multiple benefits. It’s why it’s a piece of essential equipment in most facilities that aim to produce big batches of small parts or components with little to no margin of error.

Here are some of its benefits:

  • Great for tight tolerances: Swiss CNC machining is an excellent option because it can support the workpiece firmly during the entire manufacturing process. It remains steady and won’t be affected by the force of the tools. Therefore, precision is present even in situations with tight tolerances.
  • Quick turnaround: Swiss CNC machines are known for their quick turnarounds due to their fast-paced nature. It’s due to their short cycle times, which enables them to create many parts per hour depending on the size and design of the part.
  • Create intricate designs: Many industries require more complex pieces. But since the workpiece is firmly supported throughout the operation, swiss machines can effectively machine intricate details on complex parts.
  • No secondary manufacturing required: Due to its precise and highly accurate results, no secondary processes are required to furnish the pieces. Therefore, these components are ready to ship once done.

Choose our Swiss CNC Machining at FZE Manufacturing Solutions

FZE Manufacturing offers exceptional manufacturing services with our excellent swiss CNC machines. Whatever requirements you need for your specific parts, we can create them with ultimate precision. Plus, we work closely with you to meet your needs.

So if you have any questions or want to work with us, contact us today. Or you can request a quote, and we’ll find the best solution to your problems.