FZE Manufacturing provides state-of-the-art FZE Manufacturing CNC Machiningmachining services for a wide variety of industries. We specialize in CNC machining, VMC, and HMC machining techniques. Therefore, we can manufacture your vision and turn it into a reality as a leading machining manufacturer.

With our reliable VMC, HMC, and CNC machining shop services, we can deliver the best results according to your specifications. However, understanding the differences between the three can help you choose the right option.

What is CNC Machining?

Our CNC machining metal service is top-tier. CNC stands for computerized numerical control, which eases the entire operation process since it’s already pre-programmed with software controls and other codes to control the axis movement of the equipment.

CNC machining is composed of different machining centers and tools. Two of them are HMC (horizontal) and VMC (vertical) machining centers. Each has its specialties and benefits, making its overall production process unique. So it’s best to familiarize yourself with each to understand which is best to achieve your desired results or contact a professional at FZE to help you.

Understanding VMC Machining

Many different CNC machining center manufacturersFZE Manufacturing vertical machining centersoffer VMC or vertical milling machining services, and we’re one of them. A vertical machining center offers CNC vertical milling machines that are equipped with vertical spindles.

Our CNC vertical machining center can handle different operations, such as drilling, boring, milling, and many other processes, to achieve your desired results.

Benefits of working with a vertical milling center:

  • Less expensive  compared to other machining operations
  • Machines complex pieces with high accuracy and efficiency
  • Can machine  different parts for the medical, automotive, aerospace, and many other industries
  • A prominent tool magazine means a more comprehensive machining range

What Makes HMC Machining a Great Option?

A CNC horizontal machining center has a FZA Manufacturing horizontal machining centerhorizontal spindle orientation. It’s an excellent manufacturing method that ensures you’re not interrupted with loading and unloading parts into the machine, speeding up the entire production process. Furthermore, the horizontal machining center design saves time since you don’t need to adjust the angles and orientations.

Switching from VMC to horizontal machining centers is challenging. However, it’s still a no-brainer since they can be equipped with numerous tools and many more available work holding options. It’s a great option if you need to produce large quantities of parts.

Benefits of a CNC HMC:

  • High speed, accuracy, and repeatability
  • More flexibility for work holding and machining operations
  • Increased productivity thanks to the more prominent tool magazine
  • A higher number of axis  ensures that we can produce complex pieces with ease
  • Able to make parts faster than vertical machining centers

Choose Us to Produce Your Desired Parts with Our CNC Machining Services

We know that each industry has specifications and requirements for its projects. Some can be achieved with VMC, while others prefer HMC due to its faster production and quick turnaround. Fortunately, we offer both, and you can trust us to handle your orders with care.

We can provide quality parts and components thanks to our in-house capabilities. So if you have any concerns or questions, contact us today. Or you can request a quote, and we can find the best solution to your problems.